How to Use Yandex DataLens for Court Cases

The analytics of domain names disputes in Russia as the use case of Yandex DataLnes for court practice analysis (as a part of the DataContest webinar).

How to Use Yandex DataLens for Court Cases

Pavel Dubinin, Yandex DataLens service development manager and my colleague, held the webinar "Use of Yandex DataLens for quick data analysis and visualization" as part of the DataContest held by the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation.

Конкурс DataContest Счетной палаты Российской Федерации
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See here the details of this DataContest (available in Russian only)

As a part of this webinar, among other things, there was an analysis of use cases: how this data visualization and analytics service effectively helps in solving business and scientific problems (one of the most exciting examples was this story of a schoolboy from Rostov-on-Don, pay attention to it!).

It is noteworthy that one of the examples considered was my project on the analysis of court cases on domain disputes in Russia. Great news for the project! Indeed, more in-depth data analysis is obtained using data visualization systems, and Yandex DataLens is currently used for this project.

So the project is developing further, my congratulations to all involved! More detailed info about this database demo version, which is used to visualize data in Yandex DataLens, can be found here. My contacts are available here.