Domains disputes analytics

Kardamon.Premium is a unique collection of court decisions related to domain names in Russia. Find out the cases related to .RU, .COM, .ORG, .NET domain zones.

Domains disputes analytics

What is the average amount of compensation for violation of trademark rights in a domain name? Did anyone challenge the ownership of the domains in .COM, .NET, .BIZ, .ORG domain zones in Russian courts? How were successful foreign plaintiffs in Russia within their lawsuits related to domain names?

This publication became the first step of my domain names disputes analytics. It was not a single step, and so Kardamon project has appeared in 2018.

What is Kardamon?

This is an information resource hosted on GitHub and dedicated to the legal issues of domain names: here you can find sample documents, collections of articles, court decisions and other materials grouped by subject. Many materials are available in the public access, but there are also materials with limited access - see Kardamon.Premium section.

Domain names disputes: how to get the most compensation in Russia
The analysis of Russian court practice on domain disputes. It made possible from my own Kardamon.Dm database and identifies factors that could directly affect the amount of compensation awarded in favor of the plaintiffs.

What is included in Kardamon.Premium?

Today, Kardamon.Premium is represented by Kardamon.Dm database. It contains information on many Russian court cases on domain names. Each case contains a number of parameters that make it easy to analyze, compare, identify non-obvious facts, etc.
The link above provides interesting details about its content and the partial analysis of its data. The demo version of this database is available below. The conditions to obtain the full version you can find out by contact me.

Database advantages

They are also described on page followed in the link above. Thanks to them, this database is a flexible and serious tool for research, legal work, prepairing the recommendations and decision-making.
Being also a knowledge base, Kardamon.Dm allows you: (1) deeper and more detailed understanding of the current Russian courts practice on domains, (2) determine the success factors in such disputes, (3) understand the likely limits of possible compensation for the violation of a plaintiff rights.

Kardamon.Dm demo

In the demo version, the database is presented in one of the most convenient form - as a spreadsheet. The full version can be provided in other formats if necessary. The database is accompanied by a specification, which describes in detail its parameters and other related information. The database and specification files are here:

Database (demo) Its Specification

OK, where do I get its full version?

If you want to get the full version, the best way is to directly contact me:

I will be glad to share such knowledge.
Have a success in your deals and make right decisions.

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