My legal experience: content and media

Hi all! Here you can find a little bit info about my work experience and skills related to such interesting part of IP laws and assets as digital music and videos. Feel free to call me for any related issues and do not forget to check my blog on new posts.

Work experience

A 10+ years everyday work experience with intellectual property. A part of this work is related to content and media (including digital music and videos). In respect of them, the are several examples of such my work:

  • video development and production: drafting and negotiating to create the content for Yandex.Efir, Kinopoisk, Yandex.Studio and Yandex.Medialab), investment agreements, ordinary partnership
  • licensing: a lot of deals to license the content for Yandex.Music, Yandex.Efir, Kinopoisk (including the deals with major studios and publishers, TV channels, sports broadcasters)
  • monetization: legal support (including drafting the docs) to license the content and distribute the services and bonus programs (START, Yandex.Music, Yandex.Plus)
  • disputes resolution: IP risks management (including trademarks), legal support to solve claims and lawsuits in favor of our media services
  • other: joint ownership of IP rights (drafting, negotiating), creating and maintaining internal knowledge databases


I regularly participate in different public legal meetings and events both as a speaker and an attendee. It helps to share with my own knowledge and get very useful feedback. There are a list of conferences, where I was a speaker with papers on legal matters related to content and media:

Certificates and Courses

The courses, trainings and educational process are integral part of any legal practice. I also try to improve my skills and level of expertise on open source related legal issues. E.g. by sucessfully passing the following courses and trainings:


Reviews and recommendations on my legal work in this area see at my LinkedIn profile. Any questions and proposals to work, collaborate or find the right answers send me here.